Hellooo darlings

So today I did this very random thing.
-I started a blog.
Actually this is a wish come true and I’m very excited.

But what am I going to post?
My life is quiet boring, let me tell you about it.
I’m just a normal 18 year old girl actually.
I work at a supermarket, but this is only on the weekend.
On friday I cook there and on saturday I sit behind the counter.
I don’t go to school so in my free time I mostly just sit behing my laptop.
But when I can I go shopping! And I will post everything that I buy.

On saturday night I go out with my friends. Yeah that’s where the fun part of my life is.
Maybe I will tell you the story’s, maybe I won’t. It depends on how bad and interesting they are.


Just told you a little, I will make sure that the next post will be more interesting!




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