Aussie – 3 Minute Miracle

Hellooo darlings

So I went to the drugstore to buy a hair mask. Because for the last time my hair is really frizzy.
What I didn’t bought was a hair mask but what I did buy is: Aussie 3 minute miracle frizz remedy.
It says: deep treatment for misbehaving frizzy hair. So I thought that is what my hair needs!

The product took my attention because the brand is called: Aussie. I’ve been on vacation to Australia and it’s such a beautiful country. But I figured out that the brand isn’t from Australia, it’s from France or South-Africa.
But the products of Aussie includes ingredients from Australia, in this product is the oil from the Jojoba seed.

I like the look of the bottle. It looks very professional.
The text on it is actually a kind of funny.
There is no cap, there is just a hole on the bottom of the bottle. When you squeeze there will come out enough to use on your hair.

It says: ideally use in a bath with good music on and candles lit.
So that is what I did, I made a little pamper evening of it.
The product feels very good and the smell is delicious. Fresh and sweet, it smells just like bubblegum, but it isn’t a very heavy bubblegum smell.
When my hair was dry after using the product, it felt amazingly soft.
But the frizz didn’t stopped.

I was really disappointed that it didn’t worked. Because what I said earlier the product looks really professional.
Now I did some research and I found a lot of good reviews. So maybe it depends on your hair type if it works or not.

I am still going to try other products of Aussie, because I just hope that the other products will work for me. So there are coming more reviews of Aussie.


That was my very first review. Hope you liked it.


“There is more to life than hair but it’s a good place to start’ The Aussie Philosophy



image (8)
The bottle
The hole on the bottom
The hole on the bottom
The product
The product
The product
The product
My hair after using it
My hair after using it

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