Chanel – inimitable mascara

Hellooo darlings,

So my dad gave my mother a Chanel perfume for her birthday, and there was a chanel mascara tester enclosed!
I like testers especially from expensive brands like Chanel. You want to make sure that you make a good investment.

Chanel inimitable mascara is for volume, length, curl and separation

I think it’s funny that the tester is a tube. At first I don’t thought it was a mascara.
The tube is very simple, very professional, very Chanel.

The tube
The tube

I already have long lashes from myself, but not long enough.

Without mascara
Without mascara

The use of the mascara is lovely, even though it is a tester

The brush
The brush

I really love this mascara!! It does what it says. It makes my lashes look longer, with more volume, curl and a perfect separation.

image (5)
With the mascara
Side look
Side look
image (2)
Close look
image (3)
The difference

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