Wildfox wish list


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I can already imagine myself, sitting in the plane to a great vacation in the My Wish List Malibu Hoodie, with underneath it the Desert Lightning Building Tank with black jeans. So once I put my hoodie off I will still have a fashionable outfit, styled with a pair of sneakers or black booties. First day to the swimming pool wearing the Coconuts Lazy Weekend Tee with the 70’s Wildfox Groupie Skirt over a cool bikini. At night for a good walk on the beach I will wear the Star Sugar Love Wrecked Maxi, and with me I have the Heaven Kim’s Sweater, so I can put that over the dress when it’s getting cold. And of course there is some time to party! Going to the club in the Eyelash Cowgirl Tee with a high waisted black pencil skirt and of course a good pair of heels.

1. Star Sugar Love Wrecked Maxi
2. Heaven Kim’s Sweater
3. Desert Lightning Building Tank 
4. Coconuts Lazy Weekend Tee 
5. 70’s Wildfox Groupie Skirt 
6. My Wish List Malibu Hoodie
7. Eyelash Cowgirl Tee

I literally can’t wait for my vacation, where are you going on vacation?


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