Emilio Pucci Resort collection 2014 2015

I think I fell in love with the Emilio Pucci Resort 2014 2015 collection.
I love the designs, the colors, everything, the feeling I get looking at this collection. I even like the yellow designs
Here are some picuters from my favorites




foto-epr201415-4-122550 foto-epr201415-6-122552 foto-epr201415-7-122553 foto-epr201415-10-122556 foto-epr201415-11-122557 foto-epr201415-12-122558 foto-epr201415-15-122561 foto-epr201415-16-122562 foto-epr201415-17-122563 foto-epr201415-18-122564 foto-epr201415-19-122565 foto-epr201415-20-122566 foto-epr201415-21-122567 foto-epr201415-22-122568 foto-epr201415-23-122569 foto-epr201415-24-122570 foto-epr201415-25-122571 foto-epr201415-26-122572 foto-epr201415-27-122573 foto-epr201415-31-122577 foto-epr201415-32-122578 foto-epr201415-33-122579 foto-epr201415-34-122580 foto-epr201415-35-122581

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