David Laport Spring/Summer 2015

Upcoming Dutch designer David Laport showed his S/S 2015 collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week.
I like this collection, I like the feathers and the transparent fabrics. What about you? Let me know in the comments! I am very curious.


Pictures from: nowfashion.com

2014-07-14_david-laport_001-1405358197-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_003-1405358223-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_006-1405358244-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_009-1405358267-thumb


2014-07-14_david-laport_012-1405358286-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_015-1405358308-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_017-1405358330-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_020-1405358349-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_022-1405358369-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_025-1405358387-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_029-1405358404-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_030-1405358424-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_035-1405358444-thumb 2014-07-14_david-laport_037-1405358465-thumb


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