Fall/winter 2014 2015 trend #5

The single earring

You saw the single earring mostly at Celiné and Louis Vuitton.
The single earring looks revolutionary. Can I already scream the F-word?!
I like this trend, not only because it looks revolutionary but also because the earrings are beautiful.
They are eye catchers and I really think that two too much is (and probably too heavy..).

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BY8P0062.1366x2048 cb0e550f2c0f41c6869fe7cbcf096308 Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

gallery_big_Celine_fall_2014_single_earring_trend gallery_big_Louis_Vuitton_fall_2014_single_earring_trend hbz-one-earring-Celine-RF14-0578-promo-xln img-singleearringestatejewels_182930572225.jpg_article_singleimage single_statement_earring_1 single_statement-_earring_2 single-earring single-earring-June-July-14-HB-Celine-REV single-earring-June-July-14-HB-Kate-Winslet-REV thumb tumblr_n5h881bdCU1rf43pdo1_r2_1280 unnamed Paris Fashion Week - Louis Vuitton - Catwalk


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