Pam & Gela Resort collection 2014 2015

Pam & Gela showed a beautiful sportive resort collection.
Now I’m not that kind a sporty clothes girl. But the model is rocking these look.
Here are some of my favorites, you can find more at:
What do you think? Are you a sporty clothes girl?


foto-p-gr201415-1-123250 foto-p-gr201415-2-123251 foto-p-gr201415-3-123252

foto-p-gr201415-5-123254 foto-p-gr201415-6-123255 foto-p-gr201415-8-123257 foto-p-gr201415-9-123258 foto-p-gr201415-10-123259 foto-p-gr201415-11-123260 foto-p-gr201415-12-123261 foto-p-gr201415-13-123262 foto-p-gr201415-15-123264 foto-p-gr201415-16-123265 foto-p-gr201415-18-123267 foto-p-gr201415-20-123269 foto-p-gr201415-21-123270 foto-p-gr201415-22-123271 foto-p-gr201415-24-123273 foto-p-gr201415-27-123276 foto-p-gr201415-28-123277 foto-p-gr201415-30-123279 foto-p-gr201415-31-123280 foto-p-gr201415-36-123285 foto-p-gr201415-39-123288 foto-p-gr201415-123249


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