ZARA Men & Women campaign Fall/Winter 2014 2015

I must say that I liked this campaign much more than the  women campaign. The models (are looooking cute) are wearing simple but still manly clothes. I love it a lot, can I buy such a man at Zara? Please..?

MAN_02_1920 MAN_03_1920

MAN_04_1920 MAN_05_1920 MAN_06_1920 MAN_07_1920 MAN_08_1920 MAN_09_1920 MAN_10_1920 MAN_11_1920


The women campaign is definitly also lovely. Zara did it again. Professional and sophisticated.
WOMAN_01_1920 WOMAN_02_1920 WOMAN_03_1920 WOMAN_04_1920 WOMAN_05_1920 WOMAN_06_1920 WOMAN_07_1920 WOMAN_08_1920 WOMAN_10_1920 WOMAN_11_1920


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