America here I come.

Hellooo darlings.

So I know it has been quiet around the blog, and I am really sorry.
I wanted to share amazing news with you, I am really excited about it, but also really scared.
In just 26 days I am flying off to America, and I’m going to stay there for 9 months.
9 months of missing my family and friends. But also 9 months of making new friends and making amazing memories.
What I am going to do there? Well I’m going to stay on a campus in New York for 4 months, going to improve my English there on a school with people from all over the world. After my 4 months in the city that never sleeps, I’m going to the sunny Santa Barbara, and there I am staying with a host family with around 16 other students, that also are going to improve their English there.
It is a big step for me to go away from my own place, to quit my job to not partying any more with my friends. And especially to go 9 months without the loving help of my family. But I know they support me, even tough we are miles and miles apart.

When the days are passing by, I’m getting scared more and more. How can I leave everybody? How can I leave my normal life?
The main part of why I am doing this, is because I don’t know what I want. I hope to find myself there in America and come back knowing what I want, to which college I should go, to know what I want in the future, and just to know how I can make myself happy. Just feeling a little lost here where I am now.

So there is a big adventure for me just around the corner, and I know that I am going to have a great time there. Even tough it’s going to be hard sometimes to miss everybody. But when I come back it would be amazing to see everyone again. I hope I am coming back happy, and with a good feeling. Feeling satisfied, about the things I did in america. Thinking: I did what I wanted to do there. And seeing everyone again will probably make me the happiest girl on the world.

I hope you didn’t mind that I shared this news with you, I am thinking about kind of ‘diary’ posts about America. What do you think? Would you like to read my stories? (and see my English getting better..) Love to know that!


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