Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel RTW Spring/Summer 2015

This collection all started with the fabrics: silks, twill and a guipure. After knowing the fabrics he made the color story and a moodboard.

That palm was a sticking point for the collection and is a continuing muse for the designer. He said: “I use that because for me it has a nice texture. For me, palm trees also represent a woman and her beauty. No matter where you go when you see palm trees, the sun is shining and they add something to it.”

Take a look, what do you think about this collection?

LOOK_1-1409481181-thumb LOOK_2-1409481842-thumb LOOK_3-1409493079-thumb LOOK_4-1409487929-thumb

LOOK_5-1409500790-thumb LOOK_6-1409504946-thumb LOOK_7-1409483615-thumb LOOK_8-1409485947-thumb LOOK_9-1409489128-thumb LOOK_10-1409497363-thumb LOOK_11-1409505234-thumb LOOK_12-1409506569-thumb LOOK_13-1409507136-thumb LOOK_14-1409482565-thumb LOOK_15-1409486401-thumb LOOK_16-1409492366-thumb LOOK_17-1409492655-thumb LOOK_18-1409499290-thumb LOOK_19-1409489711-thumb LOOK_20-1409491528-thumb LOOK_21-1409483025-thumb LOOK_22-1409507413-thumb LOOK_23-1409484583-thumb LOOK_24-1409486916-thumb LOOK_25-1409505970-thumb LOOK_26-1409498494-thumb LOOK_27-1409505487-thumb LOOK_28-1409506164-thumb



One thought on “Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel RTW Spring/Summer 2015

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