A little party never killed nobody

Last friday we had our first NYC party, and on top of it all it was also my first boat party.
We already had fun dressing up, and of course the shopping we needed to do. We all bought some nice clothes and of course some heels.
I bought some heels at Steve Madden and I am really happy with it (even tough my feet hurt like hell at the end of the evening).
The taxi’s picked us up at the campus, and took us to the boat. It was really cool there and there were a lot of people from our school. At one point everybody went outside and started taking pictures, we were like “why do they do that? What is happening outside?” We looked behind us and we saw the Statue of Liberty!! So yes also we went quickly outside. This was the first time for me seeing the Statue of Liberty, and it was kind of impressing. When we came back in the harbor, we went to a club called Haus. Here was the afterparty.
I don’t have a lot of pictures of friday, I guess we had to much fun to make them.






Yesterday Malou and I went to Soho, because we had a chance to meet musician and actress Leighton Meester. She plays Blair Waldorf in one of my favorite series: Gossip Girl. And I recommend every girl to go and watch this show.
The meeting was at the Apple Store, but before we went there we did some shopping (surprise, surprise). And I think I like Soho more than Manhattan, Soho is just more laid-back. There was also a store called Brandy Melville, and it is one of my favorite brands. When we walked in the store someone who was working in the shop, came to us. At first I thought that she wanted to ask where we were from, because we were talking Dutch. But all of the sudden she asked me if she could make a picture of me. She said something about that Brandy Melville is busy with designing new clothes (something like that, I am not sure anymore) and she just loved my outfit especially my leather jacket. So she needed a picture of it, for the designers of Brandy Melville. So she took a shot from the whole outfit and some detail shots of my jacket.  It was just so cool to hear. After spending to much money, we went to the Apple Store. I need to confess that I didn’t know that Leighton Meester is a singer too.
But it was really amazing to see here. The pictures that I have aren’t that good, but well you can see her.


I finally got my package, that my parents sent me. So now I can eat pepernoten and play piano! And I have my favorite sweather finally with me. So mom and dad if  you are reading this: thank you,I am very happy with it.
Today I have the progress test, to see if I can go to a higher level. So I think I am going to learn now.
I will let you know how it went in my next post.


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