Lookbook River Island fall/winter 2014

This River Island collection is based on the following trends:

– Preppy
Within the theme Preppy youthful influences are reflected in a colorful, eye-catching and exciting collection. Prints may collide. Think of checkered prints, floral prints and patterns with unexpected light shades that give extra fun to your look.
– Puritan
Suits for men only? Nope! The Puritan collection gives women suits an urban touch, so they can be worn both day and evening. This collection consists of a complete mix of checkered prints, black and white, animal prints and black on black with red and gold details. The basic items of the Puritan collection are crop tops and long coats.
– 60’s Pastel
The 60’s Pastel line shows the most feminine trend. The sweet tones and animal prints form a retro collection. Ladylike midi skirts are combined with large powder or mohairjassen in shades of baby pink, blue and lilac. Add to that girly girl heels and you 60’s pastel look is complete.
– Snow
White on white is the basis for this trend and is complete with bleached denim and luxurious faux fur stoles with chic big duster coats leather jacket.
– Grey
This collection consists of all gray colored chic business attire with pants, oversized knit turtlenecks and faux fur bags with snakeskin details.
– Luxury traveler
When you think of luxury traveler you think of super soft fluffy faux fur and tribal print woolen capes in an earth-color palette. Here and there a metallic detail gives the items more edge. The collection also combines rich winter florals and oversized diamonds, which gives the whole a modern bohemian vibe.
– Noir
Chic and rich black tones radiate a glamorous charm. The colors that appear are black and gold.

02_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0018_thumb_600x900 03_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0032_thumb_600x900 04_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0094_thumb_600x900


05_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0030_thumb_600x900 06_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0049_thumb_600x900 07_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0056_thumb_600x900 08_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0039_thumb_600x900 10_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0042_thumb_600x90011_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0004_thumb_600x900 12_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0046_thumb_600x900 13_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0007_thumb_600x900 14_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0044_thumb_600x900 14_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0117_thumb_600x900 15_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0024_thumb_600x900 15_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0062_thumb_600x900 16_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0033_thumb_600x90017_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0032_v1_thumb_600x900 18_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0013_thumb_600x899 19_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0003_thumb_600x900 20_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0075_v2_thumb_600x900 21_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0055_thumb_600x900 22_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0005_thumb_600x900 23_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0064_thumb_600x90024_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0011_thumb_600x900 25_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0088_thumb_600x900


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