Time flies when you are scared

EF created with some students an Haunted House on the campus, so on Tuesday night we went in. I thought that I wouldn’t get scared, until I came in, and the first guy with a mask ran after us. I think I have never been so scared, they did a really really good job. There was even a girl who came out crying. They wanted that we went into the rooms, but we really didn’t want to, we just wanted to go to the exit. I think they all got deaf because of us, we were screaming so very loud. But looking back on it, we enjoyed it. It was a really good haunted house, and I didn’t expect that.
On Wednesday we had a little school trip with the class, we went to Mission Escape. We were locked in a room for 60 minutes, we needed to solve mind-breaking puzzles to find keys and codes. The last key was the key of the door. We didn’t make it on time, because we were entering the last code wrong, I was kind of disappointed  but it was a fun experience. 
IMG_4099 IMG_4100

On Thursday night, the night before Halloween, we went to Sleepy Hollow because of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. We wanted to join a tour at the cemetery, but when we were there, there was nothing to do. There were no tours that day unfortunately. So we went back, because there was nothing to do in Sleepy Hollow.

Halloween was amazing, I really enjoyed it. The teachers were all dressed up and also some students. After school we went to the city to join the parade, but that wasn’t possible, we didn’t even see it. But there were so many people dressed up who also weren’t in the parade, so it didn’t really matter, because we still saw a lot of great costumes! We also went to a party, and we had a lot of fun. There was only one problem when we wanted to go back, we went out of the club at 3 AM, and the first train was at 6.20 AM. I had never seen Times Square so empty. We went into the Starbucks because it was open 24/7, but at 4.30 we got kicked out. So we decided to take a taxi, even though it was quiet expensive, we didn’t really felt like waiting on the streets for another 2 hours. So we got home safe at six in the morning. We had an amazing time, and it really was a great experience. I definitly want to go back sometime to celebrate Hallowen here.


And now it’s already november, in 2 months I leave this place to go to California. I can’t imagine that it is already so close by, and that I need to leave this place already so soon. I really think that these 2 months are going to go by really fast, with my birthday, thanksgiving, my sister here, christmas and of course new year. And also the 2 months that I’ve been here went by really fast, before I know it I am already back home. You know what they say “Time flies when you’re having fun”. And I think that that is completly right, because I am having a lot of fun here (even though the food on the campus is really bad).


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