We gon’ sip soda like it’s my birthdayyyy

Hellooo everybody,

Here a little update about my life in New York,
For those who didn’t know yet, I am over to the next level! But I will start in the new level after the Christmas Holiday, so when I am in Santa Barbara!
Thursday is Thanksgiving and together with Amaia I am going to have dinner at an American family, so the Turkey here we come! I am really looking forward to it, but also a little bit scared. We don’t know the family, but I really hope we get along.
And Friday is Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year! How much I love shopping, I don’t think that I am going. Too much madness for me.
Here some pictures of last week!

We played a game in class, and to be honest... I failed.
We played a game in class, and to be honest… I failed.
My roommate brought me a cupcake for my 19th birthday!
It was also Marleen’s birthday, so we celebrated it together
We saw some deers at the campus!
It was a lazy weekend, we just watched some movies!
And we had dinner at the taco project.
And we had a dessert at Yoghurt la Crepe, it was Dutch chocolate!
The protest yesterday evening in New York… (picture from the New York Times)
And YES, Sinterklaas is coming to this town!!

So as you can see, I did nothing really special, but next post will all be about Thanksgiving. And this weekend I am going to Washington, so a lot of great things are coming!!



One thought on “We gon’ sip soda like it’s my birthdayyyy

  1. Mam

    weer heerlijk genoten van je verhaaltje en de foto’s…en voor donderdag heel veel plezier en alvast eet smakelijk, en vooral wel even het recept vragen van de kalkoen (als hij lekker is ha ha )

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