Educational madness

Friday, we were in the taxi at 7 in the morning… No we didn’t came home from a Thanksgiving party, we were on our way to the shopping mall. And we came back 1.30 PM. It was actually not that busy in the morning, in the afternoon it got way more crowded. We even talked to a guy who had an 23 hours workday, from 5 PM till 4 PM, how crazy is that!!

Ready for Black Friday
Ready for Black Friday
They shopped even more than us!

On Saturday at 7 in the morning, we were not in the taxi but we were in the bus, and we were heading to the capitol of the USA, Washington DC! I had an amazing and a very educational weekend there. The hotel was in Georgetown, and it made me realize (again) how crappy my bed and shower is here at the campus. We had a really good diner at an Italian restaurant, and a violin player in the restaurant played the song ‘Tulpen uit Amsterdam’ for us. We went to a lot of memorials (Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans, Korean Veterans, World War 2, Martin Luther King Jr, Kennedy, Jefferson) and we have been to a cemetery in Arlington with all the soldiers that have fought for the USA, and also President Kennedy is buried there, together with his wife and his dead born daughter and his son who lived for two days. Also his brother is buried there. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, is also at this cemetery. It is a monument dedicated to the soldiers who have died without their remains being identified. It was really impressive to see this cemetery, and it kind of gave me the chills. We also went to some museums of course! We went to the American History Museum and the American Natural History Museum.

We needed the Starbucks, to wake us up.
We needed the Starbucks, to wake us up.
The White House
The White House

IMG_4903 10731192_10152805627890399_6215224768344855349_n (1) 1526400_10152805627660399_1596805659585416276_nIMG_4909IMG_4921IMG_4922   IMG_4924IMG_4925IMG_4927IMG_4932IMG_4928IMG_4937IMG_4946IMG_4945IMG_4948IMG_4947IMG_4949IMG_4952IMG_4953IMG_4957IMG_4962IMG_1514IMG_1623IMG_1629IMG_1652IMG_4968IMG_4966IMG_4971IMG_4963IMG_4977IMG_1658        IMG_1660IMG_1661            IMG_1663IMG_1664IMG_1697IMG_1706IMG_1710IMG_1720IMG_4980IMG_4981IMG_4982IMG_4984IMG_4987IMG_4988IMG_4990IMG_4991IMG_4992IMG_4993IMG_4999IMG_5002IMG_5003IMG_5005IMG_5006IMG_5009IMG_5015IMG_5014IMG_5019IMG_5020IMG_5023IMG_1901IMG_1903IMG_1925IMG_5034IMG_1928IMG_1947IMG_5037IMG_5041IMG_5044IMG_5047IMG_5048IMG_5053IMG_5054IMG_5057IMG_5058IMG_5059IMG_5061IMG_5062IMG_5063IMG_5064IMG_5066IMG_5074IMG_5082IMG_5084IMG_5085IMG_5091IMG_5092IMG_5093IMG_5094IMG_5095IMG_5098IMG_5099IMG_5100IMG_5101IMG_5102IMG_5103IMG_5104IMG_5106IMG_5108IMG_5110IMG_5111IMG_5118IMG_5120IMG_5121IMG_5122IMG_5123IMG_5124IMG_5125IMG_5126IMG_5127IMG_5128IMG_5129IMG_5130IMG_5131IMG_5132IMG_5134IMG_5136IMG_5137IMG_5138IMG_5139IMG_5140IMG_5141IMG_5142IMG_5143IMG_5144IMG_5145IMG_5146IMG_5147IMG_5148IMG_5149IMG_5150IMG_5151IMG_5152IMG_5153IMG_5154IMG_5156IMG_5157IMG_5158IMG_5159IMG_5161IMG_5162IMG_5163IMG_5164IMG_5166IMG_5167IMG_5170

Hope you had just as an amazing weekend as I did!


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