2015, fun year to be.

I can’t wait for 2015, I just think it is going to be an amazing year. And here are some of the reasons why:

I’m starting 2015 at a party in NEW YORK, with my amazing friends who I have met here. It is sad that I have to leave them and this amazing city Sunday, but I know I will see my friends again, and it is already in the planning to visit New York sometime again. I learned a lot here in New York, because it was my first time traveling all alone. I think that is why starting a new year feels different this time.

And even though I leave Sunday, it is also the day where my journey in the United States continues. Because Sunday I will go to Santa Barbara and stay there for 5 months. I can’t wait to see California, meet new people and get a lot of new experiences.

2015 will also be the year that I see my friends and family again after 9 months.I literally can’t wait, because there are already tons of fun things in my agenda, like festivals and other party’s.

Only one of my best friends will not be there when I get home, because she is probably going to Spain for 7 months. But it is a good reason to go to Spain and visit her, otherwise I won’t see her for like 16 months. And than I can also visit my Spanish friend who I have met here in New York.

I also want to start working again when I am back home, and I wonder what kind of work it will be, and what it is going to teach me.

I feel so excited about 2015 that it almost scares me, I am going to travel and learn a lot of thing. And I hope I will make a great progress in life and also that my blog will make a great progress. I think 2015 is going to be a fun year, and here on my blog you can read all about it!

foto (1)I wish you all a happy new year.

And no I don’t have any new years resolutions. Sorry, not sorry..


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