Moschino Pre Fall 2015

Moschino played with measurements, colors and glitters this time.  Dresses with text like: I had nothing to wear so I put on this expensive Moschino evening dress. And a dress with hot iron burns, on strategically places.


001-1419101989-thumb 002-1419095193-thumb 003-1419080274-thumb 004-1419080579-thumb

005-1419080511-thumb 006-1419079714-thumb 007-1419079951-thumb 008-1419081192-thumb 009-1419101570-thumb 010-1419081870-thumb 011-1419095007-thumb 012-1419082497-thumb 013-1419082926-thumb 014-1419094099-thumb 015-1419083820-thumb 016-1419084326-thumb 017-1419085187-thumb 018-1419085519-thumb 019-1419103665-thumb 020-1419093947-thumb 021-1419097682-thumb 022-1419096250-thumb 023-1419087376-thumb 024-1419086051-thumb 025-1419089586-thumb 026-1419096422-thumb 027-1419096787-thumb 028-1419100813-thumb 029-1419104610-thumb 030-1419101393-thumb 031-1419083392-thumb 032-1419104297-thumb 033-1419093695-thumb 034-1419104012-thumb 035-1419105266-thumb 036-1419094543-thumb 037-1419099252-thumb 038-1419098730-thumb 039-1419094833-thumb 040-1419097910-thumb 041-1419098052-thumb 042-1419098210-thumb 043-1419098352-thumb 044-1419098545-thumb 045-1419101121-thumb 046-1419102291-thumb 047-1419099084-thumb 048-1419097015-thumb

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