The time is always right to do what is right. – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

School project

Last Monday, 19th of January, we went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Santa Barbara. We did not really know what to expect, but on this day you could feel the power of the people and you could see how strong they are. There was a choir with a little girl, who has such an impressive voice, they sang some beautiful songs “what can one little person do to help this world?” Isaac Garrett was the Mayor of Santa Barbara in 2009, also announced a dancing group, and they asked everybody to participate in the dance, so at the end everybody was dancing on Proud Mary from Tina Turner.
DSC_0141 (1)
After this the parade started, a lot of people walked in it, from young to elderly people. It was quite impressive to see how many people stood still to remember Dr. King. DSC_0186DSC_0174 (1)DSC_0204DSC_0215 (1)DSC_0206After the parade everybody went to the theatre of Santa Barbara, were again people sang and some speeches were given. But also the award ceremony for the best essays and poems about Martin Luther King Jr. was there. One guy gave an incredible speech, and he was so powerful, you could feel his power and his love.

We interviewed some people, because we were very curious about what they went through on a day like this.

Dolores Stewart (right) and Rosalyn Collins (left)
Dolores Stewart (right) and Rosalyn Collins (left) from the choir.

Question: What do you think about MLKJ ideas and political stances?

Dolores Stewart: Oh, I think that he was probably the greatest preacher for justice that we ever had. And I think that his political stances were right on point for the time that he lived in.

Rosalyn Collins: I’m definitely in agreement with that, and I think that not only for international he is known and as a symbolic, not just a man but he made this movement that you are interested in. It started with one man and it moved around his community throughout the USA and around the world.

Dolores: Yes, because he took ideas from Gandhi, like his no-violence and everything, and that is why it has become international. It is a human cause; freedom and justice are human needs. He crusaded for some injustices in America but there is injustice everywhere.

What do you think about Pres. Johnson’s presidency during MLKJ movement and their relationship?

Dolores: Well, he was just being political and when you are in politics you have to try to please all sides but it is very hard to please all sides especially when injustice is too high and you are trying to please the minority and you can’t do that. At some point you have to take a stand to equalize this, so i think that the fact that Martin Luther King kept pressing him to make things right, that is the important thing, to make things right for everybody, so I applaud President Johnson because he later on he (stepped out to the place) because he saw the need to do the right thing

What do you think about the conflict between Afro-American people and the police?

Dolores: Well there have been some notable conflicts. I’ve seen injustice myself, with my own eyes. My son has experienced injustice from the police; however I also know that we need the police because there are some people who don’t want to do the right thing, and so we need the police for our society in order for everybody to have freedom in our society. We need the police to help follow rules however they also need to follow rules, and when you step over the line and kill innocent people it just isn’t right and so they need some training, they need to be sensitized to the communities that they serve and these communities need to work hand in hand with them, apposing them.

Rosalyn: I just think that the continual education of cultural history on both sides is what it’s going to really help to bring the communities together, to bring the police force along with whatever community that they are working in together and also if there is a respect for each other then I think that will go a long way. And also to not deny things that are happening to acknowledge the injustices, to acknowledge that there is a conflict in some instances. A lot of times I think that it is swept under the rug. A lot of times or mass or covered where … when that is recognized and not denied I think that that’s a good thing to hear the people voices

Miranda, 1st place essay

Question: How do you feel about remembering MLKJ after all these years?

Miranda: I think that it is a really important thing to do this especially with all kids around, it is very important to teach them about what he was fighting for, and that the fight is not over yet.

What do you think about the conflict between Afro-American people and the police?

Miranda: I definitely think that it is something that needs to be addressed by the leadership of this country because it has been swept under the rug for so long and there is definitely a lot of work that has to be done to fix the police actions.

Do you think that police are abusing their power?

Miranda: Yes a 100% YES


We were very happy to be there and we hope that one day we reach this dream. 


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