California dreaming

It is already a while ago that I posted something, but I am having a great time here, and not a lot of time to be on my laptop. Because we do a lot of things with the house and on Friday night we always go to Isla Vista, the party place at the University of California Santa Barbara. Today I just have another 100 days left, so it feels so close but there is still so much that I am going to do here. So a lot of posts will follow.

We walked in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade for a school project. Click on the picture to go to the post about it!
A little bit of the Netherlands in the United States.

We went on a sailing trip, at Friday night we just had a little party on the boat, and at Saturday we went sailing, but the waves were really wild, so sadly enough a lot of people got sea sick. But Sunday we had a perfect day on the water.

10945756_634197126686773_7960987581309330893_n10410976_805309129537901_2708889187495292661_n10952897_805310086204472_753373717381462375_n10941442_634197463353406_7962439993692605309_n10881864_805319596203521_3792995941006639490_n10403565_805313266204154_8335657990355501301_n10443489_634197493353403_1275365102457491293_n10929553_805313269537487_3858237966863660396_n1512410_634197533353399_7984932933157009030_n1506615_634197353353417_7962800592054077309_n10690005_805320466203434_5789628949123413825_n10942743_805322959536518_2089380818336302614_nIMG_6207IMG_62081483058_805309479537866_334131334039064142_n10923534_805318656203615_7614379477859232025_n10422426_805319382870209_7619884722655522433_n                 10931519_634197020020117_4111102330172035946_n10418496_634196890020130_7904126040387909436_n 10524361_634196850020134_2454833150773484968_nIMG_6209We went to Crush Cakes with the class, and they have such amazing cupcakes.
IMG_6252IMG_6253On Sunday I went to do stand-up paddling, which was in the beginning kind of scary because of the boats, but it was still very awesome. And also learned how to skateboard. In the evening we went to all you can eat with some people of my house, and on Monday we went to the cinema. We also went bowling with the house.

We go here a lot, because they have the best smooties ever!!
We go here a lot, because they have the best smooties ever!!


Because we have nothing better to do during lecture..

The Natural Cafe is one of the best places in town to have lunch, and they say it’s healthy.



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