Viva Las Vegas!!

Already a lot of people of my house left, but also a lot of new people are coming. But still the house is one of the best places to be, we have a lot of fun together and we also go to Isla Vista together on Friday.
School gets a little bit boring, and they put me in two levels too high so it is a little bit to hard, it is almost Springbreak and after that I will probably be in the Cambridge course.
At the moment we are planning thing that we are going to do during Springbreak, and we know lots of things to do. So those pictures will follow next time.

After partying at Isla Vista we (almost) always we go eat pizza.
IMG_6487We have a small bar close to our house, and of course we thought we should race with the shopping cart on our way back.
IMG_6390 IMG_6518 IMG_6519The Dutch Squad
Smoothie at Blenders, coffee at Starbucks.IMG_6506 IMG_6593We had a barbecue at the beach, it was a little bit windy that day but it was still so nice.
IMG_6592 IMG_6590 IMG_6594 IMG_6584 IMG_6606It was the last night of one of the guys in the house, so we played a drinking game before going to IV (Isla Vista).
IMG_6614 IMG_6602 IMG_6598
We overcame our fears in Six Flags on Valentines Day, and it was amazing!IMG_6630 IMG_6637 IMG_6641This was the attraction ever!
IMG_6645 IMG_6646
Because it is almost Easter, right..?IMG_6669We played beerpong because two girls were leaving, and yes I even won a game.
IMG_6757We went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, it was so impressive. We had a lot of problems before we left, but we solved them all and we had an amazing time! At first we wanted to take pictures at the desert, because we had never seen anything like that. When we arrived to Las Vegas, we saw all those amazing hotels that were based on countries/cities. We went to the Las Vegas sign and it was so different than I expected, there even was a queue. In the evening we went to Old Town, which was really cool there were light and music everywhere. After that we went back to the strip to go into the hotels and check the casino’s. We also went to the wedding chapels, in the hope to find the one from the Hangover, but we couldn’t find it. The next morning we went to some hotels again, the Venetian was really cool with the sky on the ceiling, and the gondolas that were floating around. After that we went to the Grand Canyon, we drove past the Hooverdam but it got really dark after that we drove via Route 66, we were literally in the middle of nowhere and that while we were starving. Luckily we found a place were they could make some pizza for us. It was a real American bar and there were also a few Cowboys. We went to our hotel and the next morning we went really early to the Grand Canyon. One of my friends was going by a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, and we went around by car. We were lucky that we were so early because when she was done with the helicopter flight the weather got really bad. The Grand Canyon itself was so impressive, this was really one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been.

My friend from EF New York came to visit me, I showed him my house and after that we partied and the next day we went to the beach. Unfortunately I had to go to school, but when I was finished we had dinner at an amazing pizza place. IMG_7028IMG_7035
Two girls of our house left, for one of them we bought this shirt as a goodbye present. And of course we went to IV, and remember it is not smart to step on a skateboard when you are a little tipsy and you don’t know how to skateboard.


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