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I always love the items on, it is always so stylish! I am in love with the items above! And I really want to have the Wanderlust poster on my room, because I love to travel and this poster looks so cool! When I saw the Rock Your Boots, I fell in love. And I think that the Happy New Look would look great with it. Give the Festival Fringe a chique look by wearing it with the Pastry Paillet. I love sequin skirts so much. Or wear the top casual over Life’s  a Beach, with the Boho Vibes Beach Bag and the Fantastic Taupe. Beach ready! I love boyfriend jeans, they are comfortable and they can be stylish! This Gentlemanly is just perfect! And I think that together with the Get the City Look and the cute Little Armparty it will become stylish and feminine! I am seeing a little bit of a hype over feathers, in clothes and at home. I really like this Let’s Fly High jacket. And I think that the Love in a Bottle looks so cute and stylish for in your house. I hope you enjoyed this wish list, and that you like the products just as much as I do! The products make me think of summer and travelling so much (even though that is what I am doing right now), and I just enjoy it so much.

1. Wanderlust
2. Rock Your Boots
3. Happy New Look
4. Festival Fringe
5. Pastry Paillet
6. Life’s  a Beach
7. Boho Vibes Beach Bag
8. Gentlemanly
9. Get the City Look
10. Little Armparty
11. Let’s Fly High
12. Love in a Bottle

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