Review – Too Faced BETTER THAN SEX mascara

I bought this mascara for multiple reasons, I like the brand, I like the way it looks and I just think that the whole concept is funny. The name and the commerical struck me, and I really wanted to try this mascara out. My lashes get extended and it gives a lot of volume. I am not a big fan of extreme under lashes, but for my upper lashes I think it is great.  The only downside of this mascara is that if I look in the mirror at the end of the day, that there is a little bit of mascara underneath my eyes. I really didn’t expect this from such a highbrow brand. I still love this mascara, and I just have to remind mIMG_7979yself to sometimes look in the mirror and wipe away the mascara under my eyes. Or use another mascara for my under lashes. Maybe it is just me and the way how I apply mascara, that I get it under my eyes, but thats the way it is. I don’t regret this buy at all I am just a little dissapointed in the brand.

I love the applicator
I love the applicator

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