Seals, seals everywhere 

It is almost time to go home… I already gave one of my suitcases to my parents, and I think I have to buy an another one. Why did I bought so much stuff here?
One of my best friend is heading off to Spain for 5 months, I can’t believe that I won’t see here for such a long time. It already has been 8 months… It is so crazy that I am almost at the end of my adventure and  she is just starting hers.
Even though we are almost at the end, I am still having a great time here (except Kingsday, worst day ever. I missed the Netherlands so much that day).

Snapchat said that we were at the Santa Monica Pier, can’t complain about that.

IMG_7825IMG_8268After the Santa Monica Pier me and my housemates went to Rodeo Drive, and afterwards also to the Beverly Hills sign. We went to Los Angeles together because we had tickets for the LA Dodgers – LA Angels baseball game.
IMG_7830IMG_7833IMG_7840IMG_8261IMG_7851 IMG_7855It is so sad that both these girls left. Katie is from Austria so we can visit each other. She is probably coming to the Netherlands this summer, I am so excited to show her around. And I hope that I can visit Natsuna in Japan someday… 
IMG_7889 IMG_7900Before Katie left, we went to the beach together, trying to get a tan on the last days.
IMG_7919 IMG_7921 IMG_7986On Thursday’s, this club Velvet Jones throws Student Night partys.
  My roommate from Chili who already left awhile ago, once teached me how to stand on a skateboard. Guess what I bought now?! Yes, a skateboard. Do I regret it? Yeah a little.IMG_7988Me and my Dutch housemate at the beach

In the last week that my parents were here in the United States, I went with them to San Francisco. And on our way to there we also stopped by some national parks. I was so happy to be in a big city again, it made me realize how much I miss New York. I had a great time with my parents so I made a video about it again. I hope you like ittttt

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