Study hopper

Right now, I am 19 years old, school will start in a month or so, and here I am wondering if I  actually will go to school this year. Of course I want to learn, and achieve goals. But there is one problem: what do I want to study?

How can I know now what I want for the rest of my life?
I’ve been away from home for 9 months, hoping that I would discover what I want and who I am. I did get to know myself better in those 9 months, but these questions are still running through my head, who am I and what do I want?
I already am really bad in making decisions, but to make a decision for the rest of my life, is the hardest.
Do I want something within fashion? Or maybe journalism? Or maybe even rights? Or is it going to be something completly different?
I am thinking about becoming a wedding planner, but I do not really trust the amount of work, because less and less people marry. And what if I don’t like it? Than I wasted my time learning something that I won’t use in the future. Of course learning is better than doing nothing. But even making the decision to just do it, is hard. Because I feel like I am stuck to the decision that I will make.
I guess I just need some more time to think about it, and I should not worry nor stress to much about it.

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