Alexander Wang’s 10th anniversary

LOOK_01_ALEXANDER_WANG_SS09_DRESS-1305643926-thumb LOOK_02_ALEXANDER_WANG_FW09_JACKET-1305653962-thumb

LOOK_03_ALEXANDER_WANG_FW08_PANT-1305656594-thumb LOOK_04_ALEXANDER_WANG_FW07_DRESS-1305645950-thumb LOOK_05_ALEXANDER_WANG_FW11_DRESS-1305655512-thumb LOOK_06_ALEXANDER_WANG_FW09_DRESS-1305647084-thumb LOOK_07_ALEXANDER_WANG_PF09_DRESS-1305645069-thumb LOOK_08_ALEXANDER_WANG_SS09_TUNIC-1305651329-thumb LOOK_09_ALEXANDER_WANG_SS09_TOP-1305652496-thumb LOOK_10_ALEXANDER_WANG_SS10_SHORT-1305657770-thumb
10 re-issued pieces from runway collections of the past decade.

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