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From LA to Amsterdam

I’ve been home now for  a couple of weeks (so yes, I know that I’m posting this way too late) and I cannot describe how happy I am to be back home. Back to the normal life, back with my friends and all the time we spend with each other. Even though I am so happy to be back in this little and oh so cold country does not mean that I do not treasure my time in the USA, because I do. And I think about my life there everyday, and sometimes it feels like it was all a dream, but I know it isn’t. I met all those amazing people and I cannot wait to see them again.

We had field day at the beach, so we had to team up with our class. We were the CPE Preppies aka the nerds.
IMG_8311 IMG_8312
Last time IV with my amazing roommate ❤
IMG_8323  Together with some people from my house we went to Los Angeles. We drove through Malibu, went to see the Hollywood sign and we continued to the Walk of Fame. Afterwards my crazy Finnish roommate got a tattoo at Venice. I really loved Venice, you could just walk there and look around a bit, watching the street  performers do their thing. We also decided to check out the shopping streets at Santa Monica, it was absolutely amazing.11208770_987088977997861_71395522_n 11212236_987088901331202_2013356412_n 11256449_987088864664539_1349304903_nIMG_842311258675_695932613885354_762285044_n11261059_695932633885352_345456528_nIMG_8426IMG_8430IMG_8431IMG_845311195326_823380591085799_1135993073_n11257721_823380157752509_327239383_n11261078_823380141085844_693914444_n11179987_696050877206861_1158078516_n11210276_696050743873541_1623610504_n11215967_696050760540206_2076724058_nWe had our graduation a few days before I left, I got my diploma with C2 on it (the highest level) but I still have to do my Cambridge exam in December.
IMG_8495My crazy homeshare, I had such an amazing time there. I had the best house boss ever.
My friends and my family picked me up from the airport. They organized a surprise party for me, so when I came home I heard “sssh” from the other room. All my friends were there, I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know what to say, I had the most happy welcome home.
Right now I am enjoying the festival season and tomorrow is my first day at work. I am probably going to school after summer, the plan is to work and learn so than the real life really starts. I am looking forward to all the new adventures and what life is going to bring me. After 9 months away from home I know I will survive, so bring it on.

 Seals, seals everywhere 

It is almost time to go home… I already gave one of my suitcases to my parents, and I think I have to buy an another one. Why did I bought so much stuff here?
One of my best friend is heading off to Spain for 5 months, I can’t believe that I won’t see here for such a long time. It already has been 8 months… It is so crazy that I am almost at the end of my adventure and  she is just starting hers.
Even though we are almost at the end, I am still having a great time here (except Kingsday, worst day ever. I missed the Netherlands so much that day).

Snapchat said that we were at the Santa Monica Pier, can’t complain about that.

IMG_7825IMG_8268After the Santa Monica Pier me and my housemates went to Rodeo Drive, and afterwards also to the Beverly Hills sign. We went to Los Angeles together because we had tickets for the LA Dodgers – LA Angels baseball game.
IMG_7830IMG_7833IMG_7840IMG_8261IMG_7851 IMG_7855It is so sad that both these girls left. Katie is from Austria so we can visit each other. She is probably coming to the Netherlands this summer, I am so excited to show her around. And I hope that I can visit Natsuna in Japan someday… 
IMG_7889 IMG_7900Before Katie left, we went to the beach together, trying to get a tan on the last days.
IMG_7919 IMG_7921 IMG_7986On Thursday’s, this club Velvet Jones throws Student Night partys.
  My roommate from Chili who already left awhile ago, once teached me how to stand on a skateboard. Guess what I bought now?! Yes, a skateboard. Do I regret it? Yeah a little.IMG_7988Me and my Dutch housemate at the beach

In the last week that my parents were here in the United States, I went with them to San Francisco. And on our way to there we also stopped by some national parks. I was so happy to be in a big city again, it made me realize how much I miss New York. I had a great time with my parents so I made a video about it again. I hope you like ittttt

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Ain’t it fun, living in the real world.

Just six more weeks and than it is time to go home.. I feel excited but also kind of sad. I am really looking forward to see everyone again but it also means that I have to say goodbye to everyone here and go back to my normal life…
Right now I am doing the Cambridge course at school, I am in CPE (proficiency) which is the highest level. It is going to be hard but I am happy that I choose for Cambridge because I am actually learning something and I understand again why I am going to an English learning school. I have to do the exam when I am back in the Netherlands again, because the exam is in June and well I didn’t want to extend my stay for that.

IMG_7169 We had a students night at a club, it was a lot of fun. The music was really good, the only bad thing was that we had to stand on seperate sides because of my drink…
IMG_7215I had to make dinner for my houseboss Alfredo, because I lost a bet. We got a new girl in our house, and she is Dutch. The bet was that I wasn’t allowed to talk Dutch to her for 2 days. But… I said one Dutch word (because there is no English word for it but okay). And just because it was one word, I only had to cook for him one day instead of two.

IMG_7273I got a haircut, going with short hair throug life now!

IMG_7302 IMG_7312 IMG_7317Sitting at the beach, and just enjoying the weather and the beautiful ocean is one of the best things that you can do here in Santa Barbara.

IMG_7326 IMG_7332 IMG_7335 IMG_7341 IMG_7344 IMG_7375 IMG_7561I spend a week in San Diego, to visit my friend Fleur who lives there at her uncle’s house. It was a great week and for the rest of the pictures you can  take a look here: TOP 5 – Things to do/see in San Diego

I know, I know the water looks green… but it is actually clean. The floor of the pool just makes the water look green. It is great to lay with your legs in the water and tan.
IMG_7596I FaceTimed with my friends, because they were celebrating a birthday. I miss them a lot and I cannot wait to see them again!!

My parents are here in The Golden State, the first weekend we went to Universal Studios and the day after I went with my roommate to Disney!!! I made a video about it, and it is just the first video I ever made so it isn’t perfect at all. And sorry for the bad quality, we expected a somewhat higher definition from the GoPro….

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I always love the items on, it is always so stylish! I am in love with the items above! And I really want to have the Wanderlust poster on my room, because I love to travel and this poster looks so cool! When I saw the Rock Your Boots, I fell in love. And I think that the Happy New Look would look great with it. Give the Festival Fringe a chique look by wearing it with the Pastry Paillet. I love sequin skirts so much. Or wear the top casual over Life’s  a Beach, with the Boho Vibes Beach Bag and the Fantastic Taupe. Beach ready! I love boyfriend jeans, they are comfortable and they can be stylish! This Gentlemanly is just perfect! And I think that together with the Get the City Look and the cute Little Armparty it will become stylish and feminine! I am seeing a little bit of a hype over feathers, in clothes and at home. I really like this Let’s Fly High jacket. And I think that the Love in a Bottle looks so cute and stylish for in your house. I hope you enjoyed this wish list, and that you like the products just as much as I do! The products make me think of summer and travelling so much (even though that is what I am doing right now), and I just enjoy it so much.

1. Wanderlust
2. Rock Your Boots
3. Happy New Look
4. Festival Fringe
5. Pastry Paillet
6. Life’s  a Beach
7. Boho Vibes Beach Bag
8. Gentlemanly
9. Get the City Look
10. Little Armparty
11. Let’s Fly High
12. Love in a Bottle

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