The strength and power of the American people

So Sunday we went to the Financial District, to see “The Charging Bull” on Wall Street, I really wanted to see this one and I also digged into the history of it. It was an unannounced gift for the people in New York after the stock market crashed in 1987 as a symbol of the “strength and power of the American people.

After that we went to the 9/11 memorial, Robin really wanted to see it, and again I was impressed. And Robin found out, that when there is a rose picked into someone’s name, that it is the birth date of that person, and it also was her birthday.

In The Netherlands I go ice skating, I think almost every year. And now I went ice skating in NEW YORK, and it is just November! It was really amazing, and I had a fun time. It was in Bryant Park, and there were all kinds of cute little shops. The pictures on the ice, are secretly taken, because we weren’t allowed to be on our cellphones on the ice…

After that we went to the station, to get a piece of cheesecake for Robin her birthday and a cup of hot coffee.

On Monday I had my two new spinn classes, the first one was Drama, we watched some of the history of Broadway in the 20’s and after that we read the script of the play: Steel Magnolia. I actually liked the class even though I think that the teacher is a bit confused, it was still a sweet woman. My second class was American Youth Films, we watched the movie Clueless (which I already watched with American Slang), she told us that it is more than just a typical teenage girl movie, and that the movie shows some really good and interesting things.

I don’t know yet what I am going to do this week, but you will see in my next post 🙂 Hope everything is going well in my home country.
What Bente my friend told my: have fun, and I will do the same.


2 thoughts on “The strength and power of the American people

  1. A.Nijholt

    Hallo Simone,
    Het lijkt ons een geweldig avontuur, zo’n stage in New York.
    Veel plezier verder, liefs en groetjes,
    Oom Andries en tante Rie.

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